Apprentices in Swiss insulation industry tap into minimum wage

Swiss francs

Apprentices in the Swiss insulation industry will, for the first time, be sure of earning a guaranteed minimum wage as of January 2020.

A collective bargaining agreement (Gesamtarbeitsvertrag – GAV) between the industry association ISOLSUISSE and the trade union Unia not only benefits learners but also increases wages and expenses for around 2,000 insulation plumbers. Apprentices starting out in the business will receive a minimum wage of 1,000 francs (€932,40) per month, increasing in the second and third years of apprenticeship.

“Insulation plumbers play an important role in the implementation of the Energy Strategy 2050,” pointed out Unia. “By significantly increasing the minimum wages for apprentices, the contracting parties not only promote the attractiveness of the profession, but also compensate this important work accordingly.”

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