Invitation : Call for expressions of interest - Support collective initiatives to protect workers on digital labour platforms (Deadline: 13th January)

To: Members of the ETUC - Youth Committee

Brussels, December 20th 2019

Dear colleagues,

Please find attached call for expressions of interest for the supporting of collective initiatives to protect workers on digital platforms in four languages: German, Spanish, English and French.

This action is framed in the project "Establishing workers representation and social dialogue in the platform and app economy", that the ETUC develops in partnership with the French organisations and institutes IRES and ASTRESS.

The project aims at contributing to the setting-up of a shared space for dialogue and experimentation involving different stakeholders of the platform economy. The specific objectives of the project are the following:

  • To give visibility and to support through capacity building initiatives of workers representation and social dialogue within digital labour platforms;
  • To set up and to coordinate a European observatory on the evolution of the participation of the workers within the digital platforms. This observatory is already mapping and assessing existing practices of worker representation and social dialogue within platforms. ETUC member organisations are also encouraged to contribute to this mapping exercise as well as to joining the observatory.
  • To reflect upon the setting-up of collective self-regulation practices within platforms, « charts » and « codes of good conduct » (on minimum standards, on occupational safety and health, gender equality, etc.) and to raise visibility and awareness on these practices;
  • Experimenting new modes and practices of workers representation and social dialogue in the context of the platform economy.

This call seeks to identify emerging collective initiatives to better organise and defend the interests of digital platform workers, in order to provide them with the support needed for their development. We encourage you to read all the information attached for further information.

The promoters of the initiatives seeking to be coached should submit their applications to the members of the Steering Committee of the project no later than 13 January 2020. Again, further information at this regard is included in the attached call.

Please don't hesitate to contact the ETUC senior advisor Wolfgang Kowalsky ([email protected]) or the ETUC advisor Ignacio Doreste ([email protected]) for any question which may arise.

With best regards,

Ludovic Voet
ETUC Confederal Secretary