For Information : ETUC position on Singapore Investment Protection Agreement (EUSIPA)

Brussels, 11 February 2019

Dear Member of the European Parliament,

On the eve of the vote on the EU Singapore Investment Protection Agreement (EUSIPA), ETUC urges you not to support the Agreement that represents a further entrenchment of investors’ rights, while workers’ rights are still without similar protection.

There is no political or intellectual justification for granting special rights to investors. Enhanced rights for investors remains incompatible with the objective of ensuring that human and environmental rights take precedence over economic interests.

The European Parliament, as the democratic voice of the peoples of Europe, has a clear responsibility to stand up first and foremost for the many, and not the few corporations that benefit from special protection.

A vote for the EUSIPA takes us a step back from developing the stronger and much-needed regulatory frameworks that protect human rights, including workers’ rights, public services and the environment.

Yours sincerely,

Liina Carr

ETUC Confederal Secretary