ETUC declaration following the results of the European Parliament elections on 25 May 2014

Adopted at the meeting of the ETUC Executive Committee on 12 June 2014


The result of the elections demonstrates the growing distance between workers and citizens with the EU institutions and their leaders.  It is a clear signal that austerity policies imposed by national governments during the last five years failed.


The message of voters is clear.  Unemployment, precarious work, low pay is the major EU problem.  Policies supporting the creation of quality jobs, protecting people and the European social model must be implemented.


ETUC has clear demands and proposals.  They are summarised in our “social compact for Europe”[1] and in the large-scale investment plan[2] we are supporting.  With this plan the EU could create 11 million jobs and trigger a sustainable reindustrialisation of Europe.


This plan can be implemented if political leaders are ready to act on the voters' message.  


Anti-European, extreme right, xenophobic and authoritarian parties offer no solution.  They are dangerous.  We reject them totally:  they are in contradiction with our values of equality and solidarity.  Their economic policies would have disastrous consequences on employment, wages and social protection.  In a globalised world European states need to join forces; hiding behind national borders is not tenable.


EU institutions must be more transparent, more democratic and respect the vote expressed by citizens.  Therefore the European Council must propose a candidate reflecting the choice of the democratically elected European Parliament.   


The new European Commission, starting with its President must address the demands made by the ETUC for a new path for Europe.


During the next mandate the ETUC will strive to represent workers’ views and to act for quality employment and a social Europe.



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