Older workers get career advice in Holland

45+ worker

The social partners in the Netherlands, together with the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, have agreed on a programme of 'Development Advice' for older workers. 

The Development Advice is widely available and free of charge. Anyone over the age of 45 and working at least 12 hours a week – whether employed or self-employed – can register for personal career guidance enabling them to assess their situation in the labour market.  A career coach will then help them to make choices for the future. 

In a rapidly changing labour market, it is important for workers to be able to examine where their professional experience is leading them, and to change direction or acquire new skills if necessary. In practice, this is not always easy, but the Development Advice programme aims to offer timely support. More information about Development Advice and the conditions for participation can be found in this brochure

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