Restructuring: 'Stop the procrastination! Says ETUC, it's time to propose measures to support workers'

Brussels, 02/04/2012

We’ve waited 15 years for the recommendations from Gyllenhammar to be taken up. In those 15 years, millions of European workers have been subject to poorly planned and unfairly implemented restructuring processes. After 5 years of economic crisis, our patience is at its limits”, stated Judith Kirton-Darling ETUC Confederal Secretary.

It’s time for action on the right to training, stronger worker participation, and an industrial policy agenda promoting innovation and job creation”.

In the ETUC’s response, the trade union movement has set out the 5 key elements of a European framework on anticipation of change:

1. Preparing and enabling workers: key role of education and training

2. Maintaining and creating jobs: key role of industrial policy

3. Giving workers a voice and place in strategic decisions: key role for information, consultation and participation

4. Ensuring a European legal framework: key role of collective bargaining

5. Providing a safety net: key role for active labour market policies, social protection and support measures