Statement by the ETUC on the EPSCO Council compromise on the enforcement of the posting of workers directive

Brussels, 10/12/2013

Unfortunately the agreement reached in the council does not set this key principle with the necessary legal clarity. The list of control measures must be open.

Contractors in any country must be responsible for enforcing conditions set by law or collective agreements (chain liability) on subcontractors.
Problems are particularly acute in the construction sector, but not limited to it. The ETUC will continue to demand a compulsory joint and several liability covering all sectors.

Bernadette Ségol ETUC Secretary General said: {"Despite efforts made by some governments to meet our demands and move towards a more social Europe, this compromise text does not meet our expectations: our demands remain on the table".

"In the upcoming negotiations ETUC will look to the European Parliament to clear ambiguities and ensure that mechanisms are put in place so that all EU workers enjoy fair and equal working conditions. "}